Meet Arkie

Our Latest Showing of Extraordinary

Arkie CAD Release Video

An in depth animated tour of Geared Reaction's 2017-2018 robot design. In it you can see how the chassis is assembled, how the mecanum drive works, the grip design, and the lift mechanism. Hope you enjoy!

Arkie's Abilities (181-195pts)

Autonomous Tele-Op End Game
Jewel Removal (30pts) 8-10 Glyps (16-20pts) Robot Balanced (20pts)
1 Glyph in Cryptobox (15pts) 2-3 Rows (20-30pts) -
Glyph in Correct Location (30pts) 2 Columns (40pts) -
Park in Safe Zone (10pts) - -
85pts Total 76-90pts Total 20pts Total