Connecting Scouters Globally

About WAIC

The Works as Intended Index of Compatibility (WAIIC) system is an intelligent algorithm used for determining how much any given team will be compatible with any other given team. It uses historical game data combined with inside information provided by teams around the world to develop a complete profile of a teams performance and compare with your teams profile using machine learning. This allows for intelligent and convenient scouting for everyone, from leagues all the way up to worlds.

WAIIC is set to release sometime during the next FTC Season. If you would like to become an alpha or beta tester for the software, please contact us and give us some information on your team and why you want to join the program.

If you would like to join in development, contact us the same way and we will give you read only credentials to our GIT server to help out (you would be able to fork the project).