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Build Captain

I partake in just about everything our robotics team does! From planning leadership meetings, organizing events and coding the website to designing/CADing the robot, manufacturing, and on a rare occasion helping with programming. I work to understand every aspect of our club and team so that I can be the best leader possible for our members!

Besides the obvious passion for robotics, I like to watch and play football when I get the chance, rock climb with my friends, design and 3D print cool things, and relax while watching The Office! These only happen on rare occasions however as 9 times out of 10 I am either doing homework or robotics when not at school!

I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.

Elon Musk


Programming Captain

I'm the Programming Captain of the robotics team. I spend my time leading the development of each years software along with leading research into new algorithms and technologies to use for improving our capability and efficiency.

Outside of Robotics, I'm a web developer and game developer. With over 4 years of experience in the Unity Game Engine now, I've developed games ranging from simple 2D shooters to a current development of a complex space MMO. I've also helped on the development of, doing all the DevOps for the site.


A different birb


Outreach Captain

I oversee the OutReach section and help coordinate the events the team participate in.

I am interested anything and everything art related. I have been getting back into video editing and recently started doing digital art. I try my best to create as much art that is humanly possible (RIP my laptop storage) but I enjoy sharing my art with as many people as I can.





Although my main focus in robotics is programming I try and help out as best as I can with the other aspects of robotics. I currently am the reporter for the Union Robotics club and formerly served as the head of outreach.

I love playing sports such as football, soccer, tennis, basketball, bowling, skiing baseball and golf. I also try and maintain a healthy lifestyle for both diet and exercise. Additionally I play several music instruments including the trumpet, euphonium, piano, and drums.

Keep your face always towards the sunshine - and the shadows will fall behind you.

Walt Whitman

Vice President


I’m in charge of overseeing the robotics club. Planning, preparing, regulating and all that. As well as the club responsibility, I’m a programmer on the team. With that duty comes the responsibility of writing code to control the robot both remotely and autonomously. On the side of that, I enjoy helping out with outreach events and volunteering, to give back to the community.

Outside of robotics, I enjoy participating in a plethora of activities. I play one of the lesser known orchestral instruments (the Viola) I practice fitness either through sports or by going to the gym. I love going to the movies, checking out the what the local Blockbuster has to offer, and watching the new seasons of the X-Files (which is by far, superior to the original).

A quotation, like a pun, should come unsought, and then be welcomed only for some propriety of felicity justifying the intrusion.

Robert Chapman


My main focus in the club is to be a better programmer. I am learning java coding and html for website development. But I sometimes help building, configuring robots, and training new members and kids in the community. I also lead scouting during competition. Robotics club is great place for me to develop my teamwork and communication skills, as well as increasing passion towards technologies!

Since I became interested in programming, I tend to spend some time at home coding or developing my website. But these days, I am busy doing school staff, so I spend most of non-school time studying or relaxing and sleeping (-_-)zzz. I still like learning new things, especially in math and science related class. (But I learn most from reading textbooks.)

I want to be smart and I want everyone to be smart. That way, we can make better choice to make the world better.


Robotics is a place for me to practice my leadership, speaking, and interpersonal skills. I work mainly in community outreach and establishing connections with companies and future sponsors. As a safety captain, I strive to make robotics a safe environment for everyone on and off the field. I love to work with children and spread the love of STEM throughout the community. Go Geared Reaction!

I'm passionate about the arts. I love to create and learn about music. Outside of robotics, I'll usually be playing the piano or hanging out with friends.

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Dr. Seuss


I am the treasurer of the team and club and my job is to manage and decide which fundraisers are fun and efficient in order to raise money for our team! We try to keep our fundraisers robotics centered and incredibly fun! Along with preparing fundraisers I help out the outreach team and enjoy engineering as well!

Outside of robotics I love to hang out with friends and watch movies. I also am a HUGE bookworm, there’s nothing better than a rainy day with a great book and cup of coffee at hand. I also enjoy drawing and listening to music!

You’ve usually got to hand it to short people...because we usually can’t reach it anyways


Love being a part of robotics even though everyone is a foot taller than me, I’ve made so many great friendships and have enjoyed many moments with them!



While my main passion remains in outreach and working with the community, this year, I’ve been trying to dabble in a little bit of everything, from build basics to programming. I hope to expand my programming knowledge, and help volunteer more around our community. Currently, I’m serving as the club secretary, meaning I transcribe meetings, record attendance, and work in editing documents.

Outside of robotics, I love practicing piano, and I have been for over ten years. I also play violin in the Union Chamber Orchestra, leading the life of a sleep-deprived musician. Additionally, I have a passion for art, especially painting and ink. And wait! There’s more! I play tennis for Union, and enjoy drinking tea while listening to music or watching Netflix. And as always, fries before guys because food.

The truth is out there.



As a member of this FTC team I am involved in many different projects. My main role though is a builder for the team. As a builder I work on designing, cadding, and building our robot making sure we are fully functional for our competitions.

Other than my passion of building and tinkering with anything I can get my hands on. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, traveling, and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy many different physical activities like soccer, football, tennis, running, hiking, and rock climbing.

You will never know your limits until you push yourself to them


I have only been here for 8 months but it seems like I've known them for so much longer. I have made friendships with everyone here and I know they will last a long time… Thank you for letting me be a part of your family and let’s make it to worlds team!


I’m a builder/the fun mentor! Yes that’s right, the fun mentor. I’m here to build robots and sing “fireflies”. Another part of my duties is to plan and design parts for the robot, from basic planning on a whiteboard, to CADding out machines. P.S. if we get to state then I have to dye my hair red.

I enjoy basically anything related to technology. I love things like 3D printing and playing video games! My dream job is to work in the field of video games, from game design to virtual reality controller engineer.



I am part of the engineering/design team for GearedReaction. My teammates and I work on designing the look and function of our robot along with creating it in CAD as a model for construction. I also will assist in the physical assembly and the production of the robot parts. Throughout competition I work with my teammates to keep the robot in tip-top condition and make sure that everything is functioning properly.

Outside of robotics I play Golf for Union and on Saturday mornings I often will be playing Ultimate Frisbee in the cold air. Other than sports I love playing strategy board games and hanging out with friends. At my home it isn’t rare to find me sitting in my room reading a book or dozing of for just a “few minutes”, then waking up and realizing it’s 9 pm and I still haven’t done my homework.

“turn right to go left”. Unfortunately I have learned that this isn’t the case when trying to loosen a screw...

Cars by Disney


I help construct the robot and create pieces we need for the robot by using tools like the band saw and a drill. I work with my teammates to put the robot together piece by piece, and our team leaders have to talk to the programmers about where to make room for sensors and to add code for certain parts of the robot, like moving the wheels.

I like Orchestra a lot and play the Cello, and I love history. I am also very interested in space and want my job to be related to space. I am also good at Chess and games that involve strategy. My favorite sport is Soccer and I used to play it in the past but I don't anymore.

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way

Napoleon Hill


I build I manufacture pieces I go to robotic outreach events I work with the team to build the robot, I go to club and. Do team building activities I also eat snacks.

Don't really have any non robotic interests. Robotics is kind of all I do but that's what makes me enjoy it more.

Something to Share

Something I find very fun about robotics is working in a team environment and. Doing multiple tasks to build the robot.


On the FTC team, I am a part of the programming group where we set commands the robot will follow. We also set up motors and sensors the robot will be using in order to collect information on its surroundings. I am more like an understudy at the moment but my goal is to become a somewhat reliable programmer by the end of the season.

I love to dance and am in a competitive dance team. I do hip hop, contemporary, ballet, etc. Technically anything besides break dance because if I tried, I would break my bones and turn purple from all of the bruises. I also play a traditional Japanese instrument called the Koto with my mother, along with the Violin at school.

When something goes wrong in your life, just yell, "PLOT TWIST!" and move on.


Coach Haika

Co-Coach & Team Adviser

I view my role as an opportunity to support guide and provide resources and skill training to students to help them grow and learn in their robotics field. I want to help them develop their leadership potential and provide as many real world opportunities as possible.

I love my family, to hike, gardening, horses and traveling.

The more I get involved in the FIRST program the more I realize what an amazing program it is and how much it offers to students. I encourage every school to start a FIRST robotics club.


Coach Michelle

Co-Coach & Mentor

I enjoy providing guidance to the team in design process techniques, incorporating safety into the robot and workshop. When I'm not geeking out on robots, I can often be found telling embarrassing stories about my son.

Outside of robotics, I'm usually eating, listening to music or traveling. I engage in far too many hobbies for 24-hour days, but my favorite is jewelry design (and periodically practicing that thing called "sleep").

Through the FIRST program, I have met so many amazing students who are challenging themselves to help solve the problems of the future. There is no limit to what these students can achieve in the positive environment cultivated by FIRST and supported by friends, family, educators, and the community.